Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Check this out...An Amazing Project

One of my favorite quilt bloggers posted about a really need project on Facebook, so I had to check it out.  It is called...

Go to Cara's blog and check out her story and challenge (just click on the picture).  I think that this is an amazing way to encourage the quilting community to come together and do something.  There are so many things that we can do to help victims of abuse, so think of something creative, then go out and do it! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun Projects from Sweetwater

I love Sweetwater!  Their fabrics are always so bright and cheerful and they have fabrics for great small projects, as well as fantastic quilts.

This is February's label crew project.  It is a great little bag, perfect for a small gift.  There are also several "Happy Birthday" labels that go with it.
Check out my new lunch bag!  I made this in a couple of hours this afternoon.  I also used my personalized label from February (another Label Crew thing) to put my name on it.

This week I have also done a few other projects.  I made my mug rug for the Burgundy Buttons Java Mug Rug Swap (see button) and finished one of the quilt tops I have been working on (you can see it in the background of these pictures...I'm working on quilting it now).  I'll put up pictures of both later (since one is in a contest and the other is a gift, I need to wait a bit).  I'm looking forward to lots of quilting this week (and a day off on Friday!!!!).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Fabric Day!!!

I absolutely love getting new fabric, whether through the mail or picking something up at my LQS (local quilt shop).  Today I got two boxes from the ever fabulous Leah at Burgundy Buttons.  Here is what was inside:

I've been wanting to buy some of this line, Lovely, ever since I saw it on a coming soon page.  I love all things from Sandy Gervais, but I particularly love this line because of its colors and prints.  I can't wait to break these charm packs open for a new disappearing 9-patch.

I also got this layer cake and yardage.  I have been wanting to make something using Sunkissed for a long time, too.  I love the bright, citrus-y colors and the text prints.  I also love all things Sweetwater.  I ordered this to participate in my first ever quilt-a-long.

Finally, I got this yardage (I bought the layer cake earlier this week at my LQS...I love Frolic but it's hard to find).  I'm going to make this...
Actually, I'm going to make 4 of them.  I won this pattern as a door prize at the Winter Schoolhouse at my LQS.  It's a charm pack pattern, but I absolutely love it, so I decided to go with a layer cake, that way I can make 4 and have some gifts on hand.
Now on to some Saturday sewing.  I'm thinking that I will work on and finish my Mug Rug today.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My First Appliqué Block!

I'm taking a hand-applique class at my local quilt shop, and after many hours of small stitches, my first block is done!  I'm really enjoying doing applique and I love the way this block turned out.  Now to prepare the templates and fabric for next month's class...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!!!! (and a long promised tutorial)

This morning, I woke up to this...

Snow Day!!!!  It is amazing how I revert to an eight year old when there is even a chance of snow.  I checked school closings as soon as I woke up this morning and was ecstatic to see that I don't have today!  Since I get to stay home (and there is rare internet at my house this morning), I'm going to update and give you a quick tutorial.

Here is what I've been up to lately (I can't show everything, but here are a few things).

My version of the Stacked Coins Quilt for a friend's baby

WIP Hidden 9-Patch

I am also doing a few BOMs (blocks of the month) with our LQS (local quilt shop), including one where I'm going to finally learn applique!

So now for the tutorial.

Log Cabin Ornament

This is a quick little ornament that I came up with for Christmas gifts this year (after I cut up a charm pack for a project that did not work and did not want to wast them).  It uses just charm squares, batting, and a bit of ric-rac or ribbon.  You could use other fabrics to make ornaments for other seasons as well.

You will need:
1 charm pack (for the tutorial, I used Lumiere de Noel by French General)
6 feet of ric-rac or ribbon
Scraps of Bella Solids white (or whatever color you choose for centers)

Start by cutting fourteen 1.5 inch squares from your Bella white.

Next separate out your charm pack into lights and darks.  Choose 14 squares for backing.

Cut the remaining squares into 1 x 5 inch strips.

Cut each of your light squares into one each of 1x1.5, 1x2, 1x2.5, 1x3, 1x3.5, and 1x4 inch strips.  Cut each of your dark squares into one each of 1x2, 1x2.5, 1x3, 1x3.5, 1x4, and 1x4.5 inch strips.

Now to start sewing.  Begin by sewing your light 1.5 inch strip to your 1.5 inch square, right sides together.  Next add your light 2 inch strip, your dark 2 inch strip, and so on, rotating the square clockwise each time.  (See pictures)


When your block is done make your quilt sandwich of block-batting-backing square (I did not trim anything until after I quilted the square).  Quilt the square.  I preferred quilting in the ditch using a zigzag stitch.  It gave the ornament a crafty-country look.  Trim the square.  Attach the ric-rac by making a small loop and inserting it between the square and batting.  Zigzag the edges to finish.

Yield-Each charm pack can make 14 ornaments